FortéEMR is a benchmark EMR solution for physicians across the country. The program is continually updated to bring the latest requirements and largest user requests into the software. FortéEMR helps doctors of all practice sizes and styles automate their practice. Our unique approach to EMR offers just as many features as our competitors but in a way that simplifies the entire process thus reducing implementation time and increasing ROI. To date, the EMR industry has provided complicated and expensive software that often does not get successfully integrated with an office. You will find that FortéEMR is the opposite. Through its streamlined and common sense approach your practice will find immediate benefit and you will find yourself with much more time on your hands. At its heart, FortéEMR is designed to accomplish the following four tasks for your practice:

  • Faster/more accurate documentation
  • Increased revenue from your billings
  • Protection against audits
  • Ability to have a truly paperless office

From the moment a new patient walks in the door you will enjoy the benefits of our paperless check-in system. Patients enter past medical history and then enter daily subjective info on every subsequent visit. Better manage the flow of patients as they move through your practice with our patient tracking. See where patients are located and chat with office staff without being interrupted. See 5 past visits with our Travel-Card Patient Chart. Enjoy the benefits of seeing all the needed data (plan, diagnosis, last exam, etc). Then simply create today’s visit in just seconds and get out of the office you’re your last patient leaves!

Included Features:

  • Patient Check-In (history/ subjective)
  • TabletPC / Touch & PC compatible
  • Medicare P.A.R.T Reports
  • Fully Customizable Software
  • Travel-Card Patient Chart
  • Reminders/Alerts/ To Dos
  • Contacts (Attorneys // Doctors)
  • Patient Location Tracking
  • Exam/Soaps/X-ray Reports
  • Patient Letters / Handouts
  • Built-in Scanning / Importing
  • Detailed Daily Symptomatology
  • Activator / Gonstead / ART
  • Case Reports (PI Cases)
  • Superbill / Day Sheet
  • Signature / Date/Time Stamp
  • ADLs tracking
  • Multiple Case Support
  • Body Graphics
  • Fully loaded coding (out of box)
  • Standard Process RX
  • Notes On Hold & Chart Swap
  • Highlighted Findings
  • In-Office Chat Room